Desert Child

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The fourth and final book of Kanéko's story. A family arrives to Kanéko's parent's house trying to made good on a deal Ronamar made to marry his first born child (who died a long time ago). They are desperate for money. When they get there and find out that Kanéko is a girl, they break down. Kanéko ends up getting alone and later falling for the daughter, but that causes her stress because no one around her is overtly gay. She ends up asking advice from Laston (book 2). She also finds out that Ronamar was bi-curious but didn't like it and her mother is violently homophobic.

On the way back home, Kanéko finds out that members of her mother's clan are attacking. They succeed and eventually poison her mother. Miorashi dies and Kanéko decides to take her ashes home; she also wants to find out why they attacked her.

It is an ambush and the clan is trying to use Ruben's power as the ultimate weapon against the sun and moon (see Sand and Bone for another point of view).

It gets violent.

Desert Child cover

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