Chapter 10: Turnaround

Karin sat on her bed, naked as usual. She had one hand on her breast, toying with her nipple with her index finger and the fading scars of her injury with her thumb. It still ached underneath her grip but she had to maul herself to really feel the discomfort.

That meant that she was almost ready for the field again. Her thoughts drifted through fond memories of the field: seeing the bright stars far away from the cities, the rush of triumph as she helped clear out a nest of monsters, and even the long hours ranting to Roal about their respective ex-spouses.

But for all the fond memories, there were also the parts she already dreaded. How many days would it be before she woke up in water? Or scratching at some infected wound? She could remember the long nights of being too cold and the days of being too hot. The screams of her fellow hunters as they were slaughtered haunted her dreams, nightmares that were only pushed aside when she was in the comfort of Suras’s arms.

Suras. Karin smiled to herself and focused her movement to stroking her hardening nipple. The last month had been the best of Karin’s life. She loved the attention, both sexual and affectionate. Having a comfortable bed didn’t hurt, more so when Suras had spent almost every night in it.

Her body grew warm underneath her touch. She rested her other hand along her pubis, stroking along her slit as she thought about the way Suras brought her to an orgasm.

It was Karin’s turn now. The only reason she wasn’t between Suras’s legs every night was because of her injury. She dug her fingers into her breast to prove that the pain had moved into a deep discomfort instead of a surface agony. Even the throb of the alchemical pack had faded into a faint itch between her joints.

Leaning back, she idly played with herself as she waited for Suras to arrive. It was the weekend, when Suras spent her days at the family distillery for her contribution to the town’s excellent whiskey. When she came back, she always smelled of smoke and spirits, two scents that paired perfectly with the smell of an aroused lover.

A knock at the door. “Karin?” It was Suras.

A surge of heat danced underneath Karin’s fingers. She grew wetter with anticipation. “Yes.”

Suras opened the door just enough to slip in. Her dress was shorter to reveal her long, slender legs. The bright blue fabric fluttered up to reveal white underwear. She closed the door behind her, latching it shut.

The smell of ash and wood smoke filled the air. Karin breathed it in, enjoying the heady flavors.

“Sorry, it was burning day. I had to fire a couple dozen barrels.” She lifted up her hair and then chuckled. “I smell like smoke and need… a…” Her voice trailed off as she make a double take at Karin. She smiled brightly. “Now, that is something I’d like to come home to.”

“Good, because I’m in the moody for something with a little tang.” Karin beckoned with her damp finger.

Suras swayed her hips as she approached. “Are you sure? Your injuries are—”

“I want you,” Karin said. She sat up and grabbed Suras by the buttocks, drawing her closer. Her mouth caught the firm nipple in her lips. The smell of smoke was caught in her lover’s clothes, it surrounded her with the rich scents that would later be infused into the whiskey.

Suras moaned. Her hand rested lightly on Karin’s shoulder. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

Karin ground her breasts to Suras’s legs until her injury ached. She sucked on the hard nipple, drawing it to hardness through the layers of fabric between them. Gasping, she moved from one breast to the other, teasing each one.

“Oh, Couple,” whispered Suras. She arched her back into Karin’s questing mouth.

Karin worked the bottom of Suras’s dress up until her palm ground against her lover’s buttocks. That only stopped her briefly before she delved her fingers underneath the slightly sweaty fabric to the hairy slit underneath. Swirling her fingers from both sides, she fingered her lover.

“I… oh… love, I don’t have much time.”

Karin levered Suras to the side.

When her lover fell onto the bed, she rolled on her back. Her cheeks were flushed and her knees spread open. Her lips parted.

Karin knelt next the bed. With trembling hands, she pushed her lover’s dress up to catch the underwear underneath. “I’ve been thinking about this for a while.”

“So have I,” whispered Suras. “However, I need to take a bath before I work.”

Karin grinned and pulled away the fabric from her lover’s treasure. “You’ll have time. Just let me have a little taste.”