Chapter 9: Sharpened

Before everyone arrived, Karin had claimed one of the corners booths so she didn’t have to worry about anyone coming up behind her. She had her glass of whiskey in her hand, the first for the evening, and she planned on making her drink last until Suras stopped working at midnight.

She leaned back and scratched her side. It had been over a week since she arrived at the inn but her breast and chest still ached. The scab had almost fallen off, a few more days of scratching at the edges, and it would be gone.

Movement to her side brought a smile. She turned to enjoy Suras walking around the tables with a platter. She had dinner, a steaming meal of steak and potatoes, and the ever-present bottle of local whiskey. This week’s was an older bottle with a much deeper and richer flavor to it.

“Hello there.” Tonight, Suras wore her blue dress again. It looked much different than when it was swirling in the bathtub like the first day they found each other.

Karin smiled. “Hello, Beautiful.”

“Here is your dinner, just like you enjoy it: dripping wet with a bit of tang.”

Karin grinned and took the plate. “I do love that.”

Suras gestured to the glass with still a finger’s worth of whiskey on the bottom. “Don’t need a refill?”

“Not yet, I want this one to last.”

Suras’s eyes sparkled. She leaned over, her breasts pushing up against the thin fabric of her bodice. “Don’t worry, I’ll get something wet later.”

Karin reached out and stroked her fingers along the back of Suras’s hand. It was warm and touching. “I’m hoping for desert.”

Suras glanced around and then reached up. She stretched over until her breast rested in Karin’s hand. The warmth was overwhelming as much as the hard nipples that teased her palm. Reaching up, Suras brought her hand to hover over Karin’s breast.

Karin cringed.

Suras ground her breast into Karin’s hand. “Not yet.”


“I hope so. I’m looking forward to feeling your lips on my pussy.”

Karin moaned with need.

The door opened and a trio of farmers came in. Karin had seen them before, they were usually rough and cranky until they got a few lagers into them. They headed straight for the table they usually used and sat down heavily. “Sur, Dinner!”

Suras pulled her breast out of Karin’s hand. “I need to work.”

Karin nodded with understanding. She watched Suras get their orders before she started on her meal. The steak was delicious, as usual. However, the knife was a bit dull and dragged through the meat.

She concentrated on the edge for a moment, feeling the magic bubble up from her core and sink into the metal. The nearly invisible nicks disappeared. The edge itself narrowed until the edge was sharp enough to score steel. Glancing at the plate, she blunted the metal not to accidentally slice through the utensils.

When she tried again, the blade easily cut through the meat. With a smile, she dug into her meal.

Karin amused herself by watching Suras serve the others. She could easily spend the rest of the month right where she was, with a lover in the morning and good food during the night. Of course, she’d probably get bored and lash out at someone sooner or later. She was a hunter after all.

“Hey, Sur! Why’d you give me the crappy knife? You know I hate this one!” It was Mal, one of the farmers. He held up an offending knife in his hand.

His friends laughed.

Suras came out. She rolled her eyes and took the knife. “Sorry, Mal, let me get you another one.”

Karin held up her finger.

Suras cocked her head and frowned in confusion. She headed over, holding the knife by the blade. When she got closer, she stopped. “Yes?”

“Let me see that.” Karin held out her hand for the knife.

Still looking confused, Suras handed it over.

Karin could feel the dull edge as she picked up the blade. She turned it over in her palm while sharpening it. When she handed it back, it was sharper than it had ever been before. “Here, take this back. It’s fine.”

“No, he’s right. There is a couple bad blades. Usually I avoid them but I was distracted by someone beautiful.”

Karin gently took it back. She held it by the blade and centered it on the remains of her steak. She released it and the blade sank through the meat, cutting it in half.

She looked up and smiled. “I think it’s sharp enough.”

Suras’s mouth opened in surprise.

Karin smirked and handed her the knife again.

With a bemused look on her face, Suras returned it to Mal. The belligerent man resisted for a moment, but when he went to prove it was dull, it easily cut through his food. With a stammered apology, he ducked his head and returned to eating.

A few minutes later, Suras returned. “What did you do?”

Karin shrugged. “That’s my talent, I made it sharper.”


“That’s why I’m a good hunter. I sharpen blades by touching them.” She gave a sheepish grin. “That’s why I’m such a good hunter.”

It also made her a good assistant to a chef. Her thoughts briefly darken when she thought about her husband. They had fallen in love in the kitchen. It was also where they broke apart.

Suras made a surprise sound and drew Karin out of her thoughts. Looking up, she saw the younger girl smile beautifully and realized she was happier since she ceased to be a cook.

Her lover turned quickly, fluttering her dress out. Her right ass cheek bumped against Karin’s hand before she headed for the kitchen.

For the first time in many years, Karin considered following.