Chapter 8: Revelations

Karin bucked her hips, driving Suras’s fingers deeper into her body. Soft grunts escaped her throat as she twisted the sheets, enjoying the rapidly increasing pleasure from the thrusting digits inside her depths and the soft lips clamped on her clitoris.

She arched her back until her injuries throbbed. “J-Just a bit more, a bit more! Please?”

Suras lapped harder, swirling her tongue and thrusting deeper until her knuckles smacked against soaked skin. With every withdrawal, Karin could feel her hairs clinging to her lover’s fingers.

Karin’s orgasm climbed the cliff, the sensation of pleasure about to burst inside her rose with every grunt and thrust. She screwed her eyes shut and rotated her hips. She cried out wordless as the pleasure continued to build until it finally reached a peak.

With a liquid surge, it exploded inside her. Every muscle in her body began to shake as her leg collapsed underneath her. Her other drew closer to Suras’s head and she reached down to grab her lover’s hair to pull her close as she lost herself in the waves of ecstasy.

As the pleasure ebbed, so did Karin’s grip on Suras’s hair. She panted and slumped back, a smile painted on her lips. Her entire body hummed with her afterglow except for the ache across her chest.

Suras gave one last lingering lick before leaning forward to rest her cheek on the side of Karin’s inner thigh. She smiled broadly. “I told you I liked peaches.”

Panting, Karin chuckled. “Fine, come up here and let me—”


“What?” Karin started down past her breasts. “What?” she repeated.

“Not until your injuries are healed. I just saw you grimacing.”

“I was coming.”

“Yes, but you were also in pain. Now, I like the cute noises you make when you come plus…” She brought her fingers to her mouth and licked them. “… you taste pretty good. But until you can handle the pressure, you have to suffer with getting fingered and licked.”

Karin started for a moment, then a wry smile crossed her face. “Suffer? But you need to come too.”

Suras rocked her head back and forth. With a chuckle, she reached down at lapped at Karin’s sensitive clit. “Suffer.”

Karin shivered with pleasure and discomfort. She held up her hands. “Okay.”

“Good.” Suras leaned back on Karin’s thigh and ran her fingers along the scarred leg.

Karin enjoyed the touch, floating in the ebbing waves of pleasure.

“So many scars,” whispered Suras.

Karin tensed slightly. “It’s been a rough six years.”

“Six years? All this in that short time?” Suras ran her finger along the countless scratches and wounds that crisscrossed her body. The touch was electric, even though she could feel the ridges of her injuries underneath her lover’s fingertips.

“Hunting is rough,” Karin said with a sigh. “Every few weeks, we’re going into a nest or breaking into an abandoned mage’s mansion. On the good days, it’s just animals twisted by magic and resonance. On a bad day, it’s someone practicing genetic magic or trying to raise the dead.”

Karin reached down to cup her naked breast, her palm cupping over the healing injury. It hurt, but it also felt comforting. “The little scratches aren’t so bad… unless they get infected. And I’ve seen my insides too many times to look forward to it.”

“Sounds horrible.”

More than once, Karin said the same thing. Usually when she was lying in a bed waiting for an alchemical pack to stop throbbing in her bones or crying out as Roal sewed her stomach together. Her body ached always now, each injury leaving its mark on her bones like her history being written on her screen.

Suras shifted slightly, her small breasts lifting off the bed as she moved her head to Karin’s other thigh. She reached up to cup Karin’s pussy.

Karin tensed. “No more, at least right now.” She squirmed. “I’m a little sensitive still.”

Suras didn’t move it but she didn’t do anything else. Her eyes looked down Karin’s other thigh.

Karin felt naked under the look. “I just can’t stop hunting, not yet.”

Lifting her head, Suras gave her a quizzical look.

Karin felt guilty by what she said. She could stop, she wanted to, but there was never the right situation. No village felt like home, no city either. She longed for the quieter days of her life, but at the same time, it was hard to imagine living without the rush that came form hunting.

She sighed. “I guess I could… if I really wanted to.”

“If you don’t want to, then don’t.”

“I’ve thought about it, just… never happened. I don’t have a home anymore and I never found a place to set down roots.”

“What happened?”

“Me and my husband realized we didn’t like each other anymore. After our son got married, we went our separate ways. Well, he stayed in Briar Patch and I took the first carriage out.” Karin chuckled. “Four hours after arriving in Stonenumer City, I was on my first hunt.”

Suras shifted slightly. Then she pushed herself up to her hands and knees. Her slender body looked beautiful, as much as her glistening face from lapping too hard. She gingerly crawled over Karin’s legs and then shifted up to her side.

When she kissed Karin, Karin could taste her own juices on her lover’s lips.

Karin smiled and kissed her back.

After a few moments, she broke the embrace. “I can’t wait to get healthier before I can have some peaches of my own.”

Suras beamed. “Don’t worry. I’ll be riding your face soon enough. You just have to wait.”

She held up her hand and pressed her two longer fingers together. “Unless you want to go another round?”

Karin thought about it but then shook her head. Leaning her head back, she noticed the orange glow through the window. “No, I just want to cuddle. Besides, you have to work soon, right?”

Suras glanced up and sighed. “Yes, but I don’t want to.”

Karin slipped her arm underneath Suras and pulled her close. “Then just come here until you have to leave.”