Coins for Your Troubles 7: Peaches

Over the years, the term “peach” became synonymous with the growing community of lesbians that stretched from Tarsan and Kormar and clear down to the godless deserts.

Women in Love With Women

Karin tested the water with her finger. It would have been hot for most people but for her, it was barely warm. However, it was better than nothing. There were a few things that being in the fields had taught her: never turn down a meal, keep her underwear as dry as possible, always seal her boots, and never pass up a bath that wasn’t filled with mud and leeches.

Slipping off a robe that Suras had found for her, Karin levered herself over the edge of the wooden tub with a hiss of pain. Every movement caused her chest to ache. As the warmth enveloped her, she let out a soft moan and sank into it. She slid along the wooden seat until her shoulders rested along the tub’s edge and only her nipples peeked out of the water. Almost immediately, her injuries throbbed more painfully but she didn’t care anymore. She was just happy she was immersed in clean water.

“Oh, sweet mother of mercy,” she whispered to herself. She didn’t really believe in the Divine Couple, not after killing hundreds of beasts twisted by magic and alchemy. There were no gods in the world, only the insanity of mages and the corrupting effects of magic.

She reached up and rested her wrist on the edge of the tub. Spreading her legs, she enjoyed the warm currents as they ran along her body and nethers.

“You look comfortable,” Suras said as she came into the bathing area.

“For the most part.” Karin smiled. “Thank you. I haven’t had a bath in months. Even a warm one like this.”

Suras set down a small tray.

When Karin spotted a bottle of whiskey and a glass, she smiled. “You know me already.”

Suras poured a healthy measure into the glass before giving it to Karin. She gestured down to the water and the naked body underneath the surface.

Karin dipped her chest lower, immerse her nipples under the surface. A blush rose in her cheeks.

“How much hotter do you want it?”

Karin grinned. “I doubt you could make it hot enough for me.”

Suras leaned over the edge, her bodice almost skimming across the water. “You’d be surprised.”

Karin found herself only inches away from Suras’s freckled face. The urge to reach up and touch her was overwhelming for a moment. Her eyes slowly rose to focus on the freckles that dusted across Suras’s nose and cheeks. The little dark motes drew her in, she fought not to lift her body out of the water to kiss them. She wasn’t sure how Suras would respond, most women didn’t care for surprise affections.

But that didn’t stop the fantasies from racing through her thoughts.

Suras reached out, trailing her fingertips along the surface. She drew a wide circle along the surface, her hand sailing over Karin’s submerged breasts, across her side, and then down across her thighs.

The searing heat blossomed in the wake of her movement. She could feel it washing over her flanks and thighs. More of it flowed between her legs, prickling her nethers with a welcoming caress. Her recent injuries burned but she didn’t care while immersed in what would be the most perfect bath of her life. “Oh, yes…” she moaned.

She leaned her head back to rest it on the edge. “That is what I need.”

Suras lifted her fingertip and flicked a droplet away. “Judging from that adorable sound, I got it hot enough?” She raised an eyebrow and smirked.

Karin panted as she stared at the younger woman. The heat swirling around her made it difficult not to think about how attractive Suras was. The urge to reach out redoubled. She clutched the edge of the tub until her knuckles creaked.

Suras, who still leaned over the edge of the tub, turned to Karin. Her lips pursed for a moment before she smiled.

They were only inches away from each other.

“Anything else you want?” she whispered.

Karin whimpered. “I…” The words died in her throat. She fought the urges of reaching forward to kiss her and the desire to look away to hide her desires.

Suras remained still for a moment. Then she stood up. “Well, if there is anything you need, just call. I don’t have much to do until sundown, so I can take all the time I want.” There was a pause, almost teasing, before the younger woman straightened. “All you have to do is ask.”

Karin froze, a quizzical thought slithering through her head. Was Suras interested in her? Or was it her just being friendly? If the former, then a stolen kiss would bring them closer. But if the latter, then it wouldn’t be any chances later down the line.

She closed her eyes for a moment. The older she got, the more she struggled with the fencing of desires among people. She understood the blade. She knew monsters and how to kill them. But beautiful woman—alluring ones—they required a finesses that she didn’t think she had anymore.

Karin let out her breath and sank deeper into the water. She glanced up at her glass. She could use a drink but she had to wait until after Suras left, she didn’t the younger woman to see her hand shaking.

The door to the bathing area creaked open. “I’ll come up in about an hour with more whiskey. Anything else you’d like me to bring?”

Karin waved her other hand. “Just bring yourself.”

“Do you want me to bring back some fruit? I have a peach or two that I think you’d love to taste.”

Muscles in Karin’s check tightened painfully. A flare of heat bubbled between her legs, spreading out through the rest of her body as she let out her breath in a shuddering sigh.

“I could bring two, one for you and one for me?”

Karin lifted herself and looked over her shoulder to the front door. Suras leaned against the door frame, the opening held open with one hand. She had a smile on her lips.

As Karin watched, Suras arched her back and her breasts rose up, hard nipples tenting the fabric. “You know, I like peaches too.”

“Y-You do?”

“One might even say, I like them juicy and tangy. Though, not every beautiful warrior coming through the inn is into them, so I have to step carefully.” Suras stepped away from the door. “So I’m hoping that you like peaches too.”

Karin lifted herself up to turn around, kneeling on the seat. She started to lean against the edge, but pressure on her breast caused a burst of agony that stopped her.

Suras took another step. “So, was I right?”

Gulping for air, Karin nodded. “I-I do, I love peaches.”

Karin watched as the younger woman approached the bath. She tilted her head up as Suras cupped her chin. The touch was electric and overwhelming. It seemed to set her skin on fire.

Leaning over, Suras brought her lips to Karin’s but not quite touching. “I would like to kiss you,” she whispered.

“Please,” came the moan.

Suras leaned forward and their lips brushed. Hers were soft and sweet, with just a hint of fruit and whiskey. She slowly took another kiss and then a third, each time pushing slightly harder to Karin.

Karin’s heart pounded in her chest as she kissed back. Her breasts ached from the effort but the heady embrace pushed it back. The assault of sweetness and discomfort tore through her but she didn’t dare stop kissing the beautiful woman who wanted her.

Suras shifted to the side.

Karin hesitated, unsure of what she was doing.

When Suras lifted one leg and stepped into the tub, Karin gasped. She still wore her dress which immediately billowed in the waters. The fabric tugged along Karin’s bare thighs, caressing and touching.

Suras sank down into the water until she was sitting next to Karin, their lips almost even with each other. Her hand slid down from Karin’s chin to her shoulders. Her fingertips ran along the sweat-slicked skin.

Karin inhaled and pulled back. “Not my breasts,” she whispered.

“Of course. May I go lower?”

Shivering with anticipation, Karin spread her legs and nodded.

Suras leaned forward slightly. The top of her bodice, the white fabric, had turned transparent and clung to her firm breasts. Her nipples stuck out, begging to be sucked.

Karin held out her hands. “May I?”

Suras reached down with one hand, sliding her palms along Karin’s inner thighs as she drew her hand up to the junction of the warrior’s legs. She beamed happily and pushed her breasts forward, filling Karin’s hand with the warmth. “I would very much like that.”

And then her fingers ran along Karin’s slit and it became impossible to say anything.


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