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The news of the Tarsan Gaming Council have demonstrated beyond a doubt that the council have chosen the path of greed and blood instead of the safety of the fans of the game.

They chose to honor Cros de Goslin, Bankol de Goslin, and Tamir of Kormar for slaughtering dozens of people and injuring hundreds! They rewarded this devastation because of the faux history of the game imitating war and not a sport! This is a game, not a bloodbath of epic destruction.

This is a game played by children who do not need to hear about violence, blood, and death. It should be a game played by rules and using skill and strength, not magic to win.

Petitions to evict Liviar de Genifir da Xerces from the Tarsan Gaming Council and to remove the Grand Cros Clashball rules from history, forevermore!


This is a letter to the editors of Journals of Fedran. In the mandate to report an unbiased view of certain events, it was included despite the author not being identified.


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